Gothic, Horror & Cult

You may well be familiar with "Ligeia" and "Damien" , which I am happy to find have stood the test of Time. I am also happy that "The Corridor People" has found a new and cult audience in recent years. My other adventures in the Genre include my time as Jane Witherspoon, the head of the Boston Legacy House in "Poltergeist: The Legacy". I had a spectacular death by crucifixion - but unfortunately did not then return from the dead! I was the voice of Infinity in the "Silver Surfer" animated series. I had roles in the animated "The Avengers" series, and in "Tales from the Cryptkeeper". I also appeared in "PSI Factor: Tales of the Paranormal".
Enjoy some information from behind the scenes...

The Tomb of Ligeia - Rowena | The Lady Ligeia